Successful Exhibition on Power and Electricity World Africa 2014-The Solar Show


Successful Exhibition on Power and Electricity World Africa 2014-The Solar Show

Close to Customers, Close to Success

(17th, March, 2014) Recently, the delegates of EverExceed Corporation just come back from the Power and Electricity World Africa 2014 - The Solar Show, which is the continent’s largest solar exhibition and organized by South Portland Exhibition Group Company. This 17th Solar Show was holding on Sandton Convention Centre on 11-12 March, 2014. As the global manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, EverExceed Corporation succeeded in the exhibiting this solar show, and attracted a lot of professional buyers and customers with outstanding sales team, and became one of the more significant solar products manufacturers comparing with the participating peers.


It is said that South Africa is the largest producer of electricity in Africa and the electricity is cheap because of adequate power in the past. But now, with the rapid development of the South African economy, South Africa frequently emerges on nationwide power shortage in the recent two years. Severe power shortage is a bottleneck restricting the economical development of many African areas. Therefore, South African people need a lot of solar photovoltaic products to meet the daily demand for electricity supply. As a big international vendor of power products, EverExceed Corporation grasps those business opportunities and occupies an important place in the South African market with high-quality products and high-quality services.

On this exhibition, EverExceed Corporation, following on the South African market, brought full range of solar products such as solar modules, solar home system, solar inverters & controllers, solar water pump, solar lights, solar batteries, and so on. These products are loved by South African people, especially for the solar modules, solar inverters, solar water pump and solar gel batteries. Many visitors want to direct bought our samples directly from our exhibition stand, which was a great encourage for us to create more high-tech, high quality, and high efficiency products to meet customers’ need. Here, we also thanks for visitors giving us valuable market information and product recommendations for improvement. 

Until now, EverExceed Corporation has ended the 2014 South African Solar exhibition successfully. And exhibitors have successfully returned, brought back not just customer advisory information, but also the new hope for product market. At the same time, we have left the high-quality corporate image in South Africa, as well as in the minds of customers.



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EverExceed Corporation is an international company having its head office in U.K, and operations on six continents including three manufacturing plants and two research & development centers. As a worldwide professional power products manufacturer in the international power market, EverExceed Corporation is proud of nearly 30-year manufacturing experience and its solid and professional teams in sales, marketing, R&D, providing innovative & eco-friendly products, power efficiency solution and value-added service.
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