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Solar Energy

The leading solar energy specializing in solar panels and photovoltaic systems; we offer solar modules, charger controllers, inverters design solar BTS, pumping water, LED lighting, CCTV monitoring, grid feed and stand alone power systems to all customer types.
  • Solar Water Pumping System

    Solar Water Pumping System

    Solar pumps based on solar panels convert light into electrical energy, together with dedicated low-voltage solar pump combination, without laying cable, convenient and practical, easy to operate. Sun...

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  • Solar Regulator

    Solar Regulator

    • Micro-controller digital accuracy • PWM regulation & State of Charge(SOC) • Solar hybrid system controlTempered Glass • Integrated temperature compensation • Fully automatic operation & Electro...

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  • 20AH DC Power Supply System

    20AH DC Power Supply System

    1.After installing the battery, turn the main power switch, battery indicator light indicates normal, connected solar panels, the red charging indicator light, solar battery charger for the normal (fi...

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  • Hybrid Inverter SHS75

    Hybrid Inverter SHS75

    1.Battery charging function: the hybrid inverter continuously during the day can storages to battery energy from solar panels, battery voltage can be adjusted according to the charging current to prol...

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  • Solar Home Power System

    Solar Home Power System

    Solar Home Power System

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