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UPS Systems

A UPS is an power device providing you with emergency power to a load if the power input source, normally main power, goes out. The general categories of modern UPS systems are online ups systems, line-interactive ups systems or standby ups systems.

Any ups backup power is normally utilized to protect pcs, information centers, telecom equipment and other power tools exactly where an unexpected electrical power disruption might cause injuries, fatalities, serious enterprise interruption as well as loss of data. UPS systems models differ in products design, ranging from to guard a single laptop or computer with a video keep track of (around 200 VA rating) to big models running total information stores or even properties.

EverExceed delivers a full range of online ups systems, from individual data center solutions to integrated systems that keep network closets, computer rooms, data center infrastructure, medical equipments, industrial process, bank, IDC, ISP, government, lab and manufacture, etc. The systems range from 8 - 20KVA UPS to 300KVA UPS. Customized order can be achieved. Welcome to contact us for more details.

  • PowerChampion Series, 10 - 300KVA

    PowerChampion Series, 10 - 300KVA

    EverExceed PowerChampion Series UPS delivers our best value for protection against outages, surges, spikes, sags and other disturbances present on the mains power supply. Abundant choice of capability...

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  • PowerGuard Series UPS

    PowerGuard Series UPS

    EverExceed PowerGuard Series low frequency online UPS safeguards your computers and other sensitive electronics from the damage of outages, surges and other anomalies present on the mains supply.

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  • PowerPlus XM Series

    PowerPlus XM Series

    EverExceed PowerPlus XM series UPS is a modular parallel redundant UPS system. Modular design ensures high level reliability and flexible options for expansion. Redundant UPS technology allows users t...

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  • PowerChampion TL Series, 10-200KVA

    PowerChampion TL Series, 10-200KVA

    The PowerChampion serial three phase UPS offers advanced technology that increase performance and reliability; three high speed DSP with completed digital control fully ensure high quality of power su...

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  • PowerAurora UPS Series, 0.45~3KVA

    PowerAurora UPS Series, 0.45~3KVA

    The PowerAurora series UPS is a very competitive product featuring for low cost and high performance. It safeguards your computers and other sensitive electronics from the damage of outages, surges an...

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