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R&D Capability

EverExceed® has a proven experienced technical team, which strongly generates successful project development and implementation with the outstanding innovation capability and profession. Good performance and high quality service won EverExceed ® a reputation among partners and clients. There are a large number of R&D outputs and publications produced during the technical consulting services, feasibility studies and drafting of national standards.

EverExceed® has developed the business to a large area, mainly the technology development and system engineering projects of power facility construction in non-electricity area, telecommunications, railway, petroleum, meteorology, BIPV, large-scale desert solar PV stations and other applications. They greatly impressed on the partners and clients with innovative capability, precise style and rich experiences and high reputation.

EverExceed® welcomes national and international experts to join us. We are sure to provide the competent platform for self-development of technician and researchers in new energy as well as the competitive services for business development with partners and clients. EverExceed® keeps the win-win strategy and is willing to create a better future together with you through new energy development.