Portable Solar Home System

  • Product Type: Solar Energy
  • Place of origin: China
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  • Package: Crate
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Products Information

◆ Specific and generic modular design
◆ Accept customer design
◆ Suitable solar / AC power adapter charging
◆ Low power and high efficiency
◆ CE / FCC / RoHS certificated
◆ System status indication
◆ System safety protection
◆ Customized design power outputn
◆ Loading devices plug and play
Given the diversity system using simple design, the system is divided into solar modules, charge and discharge management
 module, battery, output load matching four parts, the system's security architecture and flexibility of both systems
◆ AC to DC power adapter
◆ DC to AC power inverter
◆ External battery power cord
◆ Solar panels to expand Accessories
◆ Solar panel unit
◆ Battery unit
Model SHS7AH010 SHS12AH020 SHS20AH040
Battery(AGM) AM 12-7.2Ah AM 12-12Ah AM 12-20Ah
Solar panel (Standard) 10Wp/17.4V 20Wp/17.4V 40Wp/17.4V
Battery power(REF 80%) 69.1W 115.2W 192.0W
Rated current 10A/12V
1 USB*3 2.0A/5VDC (1.0A/5V*1) + (1.0A/5V/2)
2 DC jack(5.5*2.1)*4 4.0A/12VDC (2.0A/12V/2) + (2.0A/12V/2)
3 Car socket*1 NA 4.0A/12VDC 4.0A/12V/1
Main power switch*1 Yes
Main power fuse*1 Yes
Solar panel input socket* 1 Yes AC power adapter Suitable
External battery input socket Yes
AC to DC power adapter 19VDC/1.0A 19VDC/2.0A 19VDC/3.0A
Charge status Red’Failure Orange’Charging Green’Full power
Power status Red’≤33% Orange’>33% Green’>66%
Initiative protection Main power switch buffer
Main power fuse unit
Battery high/low voltage
Charge high voltage
Output current limiting / reverse
Output overload / short
External battery buffer
Passive protection Charge status
Battery power Status
Main power cut
Loading time DC LED bulb
A DC 1W LED bulb*4(Min) 13.2hr 23.0hr 38.4hr
B DC 3W LED bulb*4(Min) 4.6hr 7.6hr 12.8hr
Power loading 30W(REF) 2.3hr 3.8hr 6.4hr
Solar charging(Full ; Standard) 7.0hr 5.8hr 4.8hr
Solar charging(Full Expansion) 3.5hr 3.8~2.9hr 3.2~2.4h r
AC to DC power adapter charging 4.5hr 3.8hr 4.2hr
Box material Plastic(ABS)
Box dimension(REF) 280 * 132 * 235 mm
Box Weight(REF) 3.8kg 4.8kg 6.0kg
◆ External battery
◆ Solar panel to expand
◆ Home lighting Computer, Television,
Media, Radio, etc.
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