PowerLead2 UPS Series, 1~3KVA

  • Product Type: UPS Systems
  • Place of origin: China
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  • Price Terms: FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Package: Crate
  • Minimum Order: USD 15,000.00
  • Delivery Time: 3~4 Weeks
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Products Information

The PowerLead2 true on-line UPS are designed to protect against a wide variety of potential power problems including spikes, surges, noise, sags, over and under voltage conditions, waveform distortion and extended brownouts, as well as blackouts...even difficult-to-track harmonics and dangerous frequency variations which are common to a tandby generator. It provides superior communication capability via EverExceed hot-swappable SNMP cards. PowerLead2 allows to be treated as a fully-interactive network node by your network management software.
- Wide input voltage range
- Advanced battery management
- Fan speed adjustment automatically
- Automatic battery charging on off mode
- PFC technology
- Lighting and surge protection
- Cold start
- Complete protection function
- Network/fax/modem surge protection
- LCD/LED display option
- EMI/RFI noise filter
- Smart RS232 port with monitoring software
Ideal Applications:
- Office telecommunications systems
- Voicemail and E-Mail servers
- LAN and WAN servers
- Clustered network equipment: hubs, routers, bridges
- Remote telecommunications units
- Test and diagnostic equipment
- Engineering network servers
- Factory floor protection of microprocessor-controlled equipment
Technical Parameter:
Model PL2 1K PL2 1KL PL2 2K PL2 2KL PL2 3K PL2 3KL
Capacity 1KVA/800W 2KVA/1600W 3KVA/2400W
Input Voltage 115- 300Vac 
CUrrent 6A(max) 12A(max) 16A(max)
Frequency 50Hz±5%
COSΦ According EN60555-2(≥0.95)
Output Voltage 220Vac ±3% 
Current 4.55A 9.1A 13.6A
Frequency 50Hz±0.2% (battery mode)
COSΦ 0.8(lag)
Waveform Sine wave
WaveForm distortion Linear load<3%
Non linear load<6% Non linear load<5%
Overload protection >130%→200ms   >150%→10ms
Transfer time 0ms
Battery Sealed lead acid maintenance-free battery
External battery voltage 12V7AH*3PCS 36Vdc 12V7AH*6PCS 72Vdc 12V7AH*8PCS 96Vdc
Ambient Temperature 0 - 40oC
Humidity 0 - 95%
Communication 9Pin D type connector (RS232)
Size (WxDxH) mm 350*144*236 425*190*336 425*190*337
Weight(kg) 12 5.7 22.2 10 26.3 10
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