Solar MPPT Controller

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Products Information

most important feature of this controller is intelligently tracking input voltage from solar panel, which could let solar panel always work at Maximum Power Point of V-A curve. Compared with normal solar charge controller, this MPPT controller could increase efficiency at 10%-30%.

This MPPT controller not only has above mentioned special function, but also equipped with completely protecting and controlling functions:
▪ Overcharge protection
▪ Over-discharge protection
▪ Battery Reverse Current Protection
▪ Overloading Protection
▪ Short Circuit Protection
▪ Reverse Polarity Connection Protection

Model ESCC-M12V/24V010 ESCC-M12V/24V015 ESCC-M12V/24V020 ESCC-M12V/24V030
Rated current 10A 15A  20A 30A
System voltage 12V/24V
Model ESCC-M48V010 ESCC-M48V015 ESCC-M48V020 ESCC-M48V030
Rated current 10A 15A 20A 30A
System voltage 48V

Rated Voltage 12V/24V; 48V
Full charge cut 13.7V/12V; 2/24V; x4/24V Recognize tacitly, rest
Low voltage cut 10.5V/12V; x2/24V; x4/24V Recognize tacitly, rest
Reconnected voltage 12.6V/12V; 2/24V; x4/24V
Temperature compensation -3mv/cell°C Recognize tacitly, rest
No load loss ≤30mA
Min. Wire area 10mm2
Voltage drop <240mv
Net Weight 600g
Dimension 188*90*58mm

Schematic Diagram:
• Normal Solar Charge Controller:
Solar Panel works at point A state; the solar panel workingvoltage is a little higher than battery voltage.Charge Voltage: UA=13.2VCharge Current: IA=9.8A Charge Power: PA=13.2*9.8=129.36w Area in drawing: ①+③
• MPPT Solar Charge Controller:
Solar Panel works at point B state; the solar panel working voltage is much higher than battery voltage.Charge Voltage: UB= 18.4V, Charge Current: IB= 9.3A Charge Power:PB=18.4*9.3=171.12w Area in drawing: ①+②
• Comparison:
The power B is higher than power A.△P/ PA =(PB-PA/PA)=32.3%As the related factors of solar system varies, such as the manufacture of solar panels, solar illumination intensity, environment temperature, efficiency of solar charge controller and so on, the actual power increase could be at 10-30%

Choose the model:
1. Solar Panel:
12V solar system should use 40pcs cells laminated solar panel. The maximum power point voltage is 18V above.
24V solar system should use 2pcs above-mentioned solar panels. 48V solar system should use 4pcs above-mentioned solar panels.
2. Wires:
The wires between solar panel with MPPT solar charge controller should be calculated according to the standard at 1mm² to 1 Ampere.
3. Solar Charge Controller:
ESCC-M Model solar charge controller Rated input Ampere is 15A. We have 12V, 24V and 48V three types of MPPT solar charge controllers. Fit for power of solar panels: 30~300Wp (12V),60~600Wp(24V), 100~1000Wp(48V).
4. Connection: (As indicated in Picture 3)
• Connect the "+", "-" poles of the battery to the controller (3, 4 from left) firmly and correctly. The LOAD green LED is supposed to be on if the connection is right and controller is in good condition. If the LOAD green LED is not on, please check if the polarities of battery connected correctly. Only the connection could be preceded if the LOAD green LED is on.
• Connect the "+", "-" poles of the solar panel to the controller (1,2 from the left) firmly and correctly.
• Connect the "+", "-" poles of the LOAD to the controller (5,6 from the left) firmly and correctly.

Simply Measure Method:
For 12V system, measure the input voltage from solar panel with multi-meter (terminal 1, 2 of controller); it is normal if the voltage of solar panel more than battery voltage 0.5-6V. Generally, the higher input voltage, the better charge efficiency. For 24v and 48V system, the input voltage will be much higher than battery voltage. (Note: It is normal if the controller can not find Maximum Power Point within 10 minutes from system start.)

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