uXcel series - SCR Rectifier / Charger

  • Product Type: Industrial Charger
  • Place of origin: China
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  • Price Terms: FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Package: Crate
  • Minimum Order: USD 15,000.00
  • Delivery Time: 3~4 Weeks
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Products Information

The uXcel series battery chargers / rectifier combine the ruggedness of phase-controlled circuitry with programmability of the latest micro-processor technology to offer an advanced, flexible, easy to use, ultra-reliable battery charger for industrial and military applications.
With it's advanced battery monitoring and test features, the uXcel range is designed to optimize the life of all types of industrial batteries (Valve Regulated Lead Acid, Vented Lead Acid and Ni-Cd) and ensure the battery power is there when most needed.
Available in single phase and three phase (6 pulse and 12 pulse) up to 100kW, the MCR series battery chargers are ideal for applications such as Substation DC Supplies, Switch / tripping power supplies, PLC backup supply, Emergency lighting, Lube oil pump backup supplies and other applications.
- SCR full-bridge rectifiers
- Fast acting fuse
- Up to IP65 external protection
- Wide voltage and current range
- Battery Management system
- Multiple protection
- Rs232, Rs485 network interface

EverExceed uXcel series rectifier/charger
  Input type Single-phase Three-phase
  Output DC voltage(VDC) 24 48 110 200 24 48 110 220
Available range of ratings(A) 25-250 25-250 25-250 25-250 25-2500 25-1200 16-1200 16-1000
  Nominal AC voltage(VAC) 120/220/230/240 208/380/400/415
  Input voltage tolerance(%) -15/+10
  Input frequency(Hz) 50/60
  Input frequency tolerance(%) ±5
  Nominal DC voltage(VDC) 24/48/110/120/220/240/400
  Avalilable ratings(A) see above
  Voltage stability <1%(in float mode, 0 to 100% load step, input within voltage tolerance
  Voltage ripple <1%rms
Boost mode current limitation 0.1C10(Lead Acid battery) / 0.2C5(Nickel cadmium battery)
  Operating temperature(℃) -10 to 50(in permanent operation conditions)
  Storage temperature(℃) -20 to 70
  Relative humidity(%) <95
  Operating altitude(m) 3000(without derating)
  Cooling Natural ventilation on most of the range.(Fan-assisted for ratings above 1200A)
  External protection up to IP65 upon request
  Internal protection IP21
  Communication interface RS485/Modbus
  Noise(dB) <60
  Dimensions Varying according to ratings and options
  Rectifier 6/12-SCR rectifier, harmonic filters, ripple filters,dropping diodes, meters, volt-free contacts, serial link
  Battery Battery protection , Low-voltage disconnect,  Battery Management System
  System SCR full-bridge, Intelligence charging management, Fast acting fuse
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