Energy Storage Lithium Battery

EverGEN Solar series ESS is a complete solar energy storage system that integrated withsolar hybrid inverter, long life LiFePO4 battery, monitoring module and power distributionEverGEN Solar series have an innovative stackable design, which can save more than 50%installed time, and more easy expand. In addition, the EverGEN Solar ESS is highlyintegrated, saving more space than traditional solar systems.

✓ Fully utilize solar power supply, saving up to 100% ofelectricity bills.
✓ Modular and stackable design, easy to install, saving50% ofinstallation time.
✓ Intelligent remote monitoring, checking systeminformation through mobile&PC.

✓ High quality LiFePO4 batteries, 6000 cycle time at 80% DOD.
✓ 24/7 uninterrupted power supply.
✓ Intelligent and visualized energy management. 
✓ Support expansion to 10 battery modules, up to 51.2kWh.