About EverExceed

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EverExceed is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production, sales of industrial batteriesrenewable energy storage system, industrial power supply and data center power solution. Withadvanced technology and professional solutions, EverExceed provides all-in-one residentialcommercial & industrial energy storage systems, integrated power energy solutions and data centersolutions for the global digital, information, low-carbon, intelligent development. lt is one of theworld's renowned enterprises in the renewable energy, data center, communication industry.commercial andindustrial facilities and solutions.

Brand Story

EverExceed brand was successfully registered in 2004, and has been successfully registered inmore than 80 countries. EverExceed has solid and professional teams in sales, marketing, R&D.manufacturina, who are iointly providina innovative & eco-friendly products, excelent poweefficiency solutions and value-added service. EverExceed has been devoting to maximizing thevalue to its worldwide users through its commitments to people, advanced technologies and qualityservices.


EverExceed | Empower, Energize, Exceed the Energy you Expect forever;

Corporate Vision

Light up the world and make people's lives better.

Our Mission

Supply worldwide reliable power solution with continuousinnovative.

Core Values of the Company

Every staff is equal in personality and dignity.Mutual respect and understanding are advocatedEnterprising spirit and initiative are encouraged.