Two & Three Wheels Vehicles

Lithium Batteries for Electric Wheel ChairLithium Batteries for Electric Wheel Chair
Lithium Batteries for Electric Wheel Chair
EverExceed LiFePO4 technology has important advantages over lead-acid batteries when powering 3 wheeler electric vehicles, auto rickshaw etc. These include: opportunity and fast charging, higher energy efficiency, longer cycle life and no maintenance. EverExceed Lithium batteries also provide green energy by protecting your vehicle from CO2 emissions, bad odor and noise. So, drive those extra miles or work those extra hours and know that you have ample reserves.


Residential and Commercial Use

Solar panels installed on rooftops or buildings can generate electricity to provide clean energy for homes and commercial buildings

Remote Areas and Islands

Solar energy is an ideal option for remote areas and islands, providing independent power supply and reducing reliance on traditional fuels.


Agriculture and Rural Areas

Solar energy can power agricultural water pumps, lighting, and other equipment, improving energy supply in rural areas.


Vehicle Applications

Solar panels can be used in cars, boats, and other vehicles to provide an additional power source.

EverExceed Rack Mounted Solar Lithium Battery

EverExceed LiFePO4 batteries are perfect choice for your home energy storage system and SME (Small Medium Enterprise). The ultra-modern design brought to you by our highly qualified research and development team provides an ultra long service life and extreme reliability in energy storage.