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With increasing growth in the demand for electricity worldwide and the rapid development of renewable energy sources, the safety of the grid becomes more and more important. Blackout incidents will negatively impact any economy and threaten public safety. Energy storage is regarded as an essential solution to make any power grid more reliable and more flexible, which can be achieved through time shifting, load leveling, smoothing wind/solar output and regulating the frequency etc. EverExceed energy storage technology relies on deep cycle AGM batteries, excellent LiFePO4 lithium battery and intelligent battery management system technology which can offer a wide variety of solutions for commercial & industrial energy storage system.


With our utility commercial solution, you can secure grid stability in the power supply system including generation, transmission, and distribution. You can also enhance power quality by frequency regulation. EverExceed has completed many successful projects utilizing battery storage solutions from KW to MW in size at home and abroad which covers solar generation and industrial distributed use perfectly. So, future proof your business against rising commercial electricity prices and access the best rates with our energy storage solutions.

System diagram:



Reliable backup power More resilient power supply Lower prices than utility rates
EverExceed energy storage solutions utilize proprietary, patented technology to provide seamless, uninterrupted backup power during grid outages and prevent costly downtime Stabilize renewable energy integration, mitigate the unpredictability of wind and solar power generation, improve power supply quality Energy storage allows you to manage energy costs by giving you control over when you use grid power, protecting you from demand charges and variable energy rates to deliver substantial savings
Load shifting Renewable energy integration Remote monitoring
Store energy in off-peak hours and release during on-peak hours, to reduce electricity costs by partially replacing expensive on-peak electricity.Renewable energy integration Combining energy storage with intermittent sources like solar and wind allows commercial customers to store this energy when it is produced and use it when it is needed Remote monitoring makes energy storage systems easy to deploy and easy to manage.

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