EverGEN Solar Series ESS supply for homeowners in Philippines


EverExceed EGS series solar energy storage system can help you convert and store energy and consume only solar energy 24/7, also it can 24/7 uninterrupted power supply to load and fulIy utilize solar power supply , saving up to 100% of electricity bills. In addition, It can help you protection against rising energy prices, that achieve 0 electricity bills.




The solar battery storage is without a doubt becoming an attractive solution for households to reduce electricity bills and gain energy independence. Powered by EverExceed EGS5K-10E Pro EverGEN Solar ESS, this rooftop solar project is a "solar+storage" system made for homeowners. Now this family doesn't have to worry about electricity cut-off and saves 130 USD per month.


Installation case:



Cagayan, Philippines

Solar panel


Energy Storage System

5kW AC power output, 10kWh battery energy

Electricity power price


Customer benefit :

Saving 130.0USD per month




In the mountainous and hilltop area of Cagayan, the Philippines, frequent power interruptions from the grid is common and the electricity is also very expensive. A storage system for energy will solve this problem for our customer. With the solar modules installed on the rooftop, the solar hybrid inverter allows the customer to use electricity generated by themselves. Moreover, the system equipped with EverExceed lithium batteries can back up electrical power, bringing them reliable solar power when needed.


Feedback after use


Monthly Utility electricity consumption (Before):


Solar panel:


Energy Storage System:

5kW AC power output, 10kWh battery energy



1 month ago

After 1 month


With Intelligent software management


System has built-in intelligent WIFI module, and smart management software, that can we view energy storage system information anytime, anywhere. We can view all information from the smart management software and mobile phone application.


System generation
System information EGS5K-10E Pro


The EverGEN Solar series energy storage system utilizes clean energy from sunlight during the day to charge the battery and discharge it at night. It can be used independently from the power grid, and can supply power to your home normally even without mains power. If you are facing expensive electricity costs, it is recommended to install the EverGEN Solar series residential energy storage system from the EverExceed brand.