Haiti Hospital energy storage system solution


EverExceed can customize integrated industrial and commercial energy storage systems according to customer requirements. We has excellent system integration capabilities and rich experience in customizing systems for power generation, power distribution, hospitals, airports, remote areas, islands, offshore oil platforms, quarries, crude oil pipeline transmission sites, etc. EverExceed's commercial and industrial energy storage systems combine the benefits of power storage, current and voltage conversion, and grid integration of excess power. When the solar module does not generate enough power, power can be extracted from the grid and stored in the battery, or it can be charged and discharged in different periods by switching the working mode. In the peak of electricity consumption, the highest price of electricity in the battery enters the grid, and in the peak of electricity consumption, the lowest price of electricity enters the battery, in addition to setting other working modes to bring high economic return on investment to customers.




Haiti's power grid is unstable, with power outages lasting up to 12 hours a day. A local hospital is usually powered mainly by diesel generators, but diesel replenishment of the generators requires frequent refilling of diesel fuel for maintenance; the cost is huge. The customer wants to install an outdoor off-grid industrial and commercial energy storage system as the main power supply source for this hospital, with a diesel generator as a backup power source. Only when there is no light on cloudy or rainy days and the battery is not sufficiently charged will the customer switch to the diesel generator through the switching switch to supply power. We provide a solution that includes about 108 pieces of 540W modules, 1 set of CO50K-100E outdoor commercial and industrial energy storage systems, 1 set of 70kVA copper coil isolation transformers, 1 set of EMS remote monitoring systems, and the accessories required for the system installation. 


Project Information






System specifications

58.3kW PV array power, 50kW AC output power, 100kWh battery power


Integrated in IP55 outdoor cabinet



Customer requirements:


1. There is not much space in the electrical room of the hospital; we need outdoor cabinet integrated installation;

2. The operation status and information of the entire system can be monitored remotely.

3. Load 21.2 kW, the future load needs to be expanded to 40kW;

4. During the day when there is plenty of PV to power the load and the excess power to charge the battery;

5. The battery, AC input, and AC output all need surge protectors;

6. Due to the high cost of diesel replenishment, customers need high economic returns.


Design highlight


EMS remote monitoring can monitor the entire system operating status and set the hybrid inverter parameters and working mode.

Built-in access control sensor, access control light, smoke sensor, fire protection system, and alarm system integrated into EMS;

The FT board in the battery compartment simulates battery installation, and customers can accurately install according to the FT board instructions.




1.Provide complete system connection diagrams to facilitate one-time quick installation in place, reducing customer installation trouble and installation costs

2. Engineering and business teams respond quickly to alleviate any customer problems

3. Remote video conferencing installation guidance is available

4. Our team works hard to meet customers' customized requirements




Model CO50K-100E-PV58.3K
AC (off-grid) photovoltaic
AC rated output voltage 400VAC Maximum PV input voltage of the inverter 1000VDC
AC rated output power 50kW Maximum inverter access to PV power 60kW+60kW
Maximum AC output power 55kVA MPPT voltage range 250~850VDC
AC (grid-connected) MPPT full voltage range 450~850VDC
AC rated output voltage 400VAC PV module power 540W
AC rated output power 50kW Number of PV modules 108
Maximum AC output power 55kVA PV module series-parallel connection method 18 Series 6 Parallel
voltage range 320~460VAC Outdoor cabinet
Battery Size 2250*1050*2360mmW*D*H
Rated battery voltage 512VDC Cooling method
Battery voltage range 480~576VDC Inverter bank Professional cooling ducts
Battery capacity 210Ah battery holder AC air conditioner
Battery power 107.5kWh    



Our advanced solutions allow hospital to mitigate economic risk with on-site independent backup power to essential equipment while protecting against the operational expense impact of rising utility rates and fluctuating power supply.