Hybrid Solar Power

Hybrid solar system is fully automatic, programmable and custom engineer system that has battery backup in it to store power and it also have the ability to feed surplus electricity into main grid. EverExceed Hybrid solar system not only lowers your electricity bills, it also expands to meet your evolving energy needs and protect your investment at the same time. So you can maximize your self-consumption of free energy while reducing your dependency on.


The hybrid system is a combination of the benefits found within both the On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar Systems. Their benefits include: Being able to store power for later use with our cost effective battery storage. Being able to export excess power back into the electricity network (grid). This allows you to make money by sending power back to the grid. And lastly being able to get power from the grid when you ever need it.


Benefits & advantages:


High efficiency All-in-one system design Optimal electricity cost
The hybrid solar energy systems work more efficiently than your traditional generators which waste the fuel under certain conditions
The highly integrated solar and battery storage solution will fit seamlessly into your garage or outside your home as there is no need for extra cabling or cabinets Up to 30% more usable energy & flexible investment via hybrid solar system
Smart managment Constant power supply Extremely versatile
Under normal operation, it can supply power to the home (designated power circuits), charge the batteries and excess power can be fed into the grid Enjoy peace of mind with an uninterrupted power supply, and feel secure in your home Can be tailored to particular requirements of the location by using various layouts and capacity of batteries.

System diagram:

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