LEV lithium battery provide reliable backup power for RV travel


When your journey involves countless miles or remote campsites, a stable and reliable backup power source is especially important, and EverExceed's lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are maintenance-free, fast charging, and environmentally friendly to withstand the harshest conditions, giving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about power. To provide you with reliable power so that you can enjoy peace of mind during your travel time.




Our customers are RV travel enthusiasts who often use RV travel and camping. The original car was loaded with a 24V, 100Ah lead-acid battery. With the increase in electrical equipment, battery power has gradually become insufficient to use, and because of the limited space, it is difficult to increase the number of batteries. Therefore, we customized a LEV24-200 lithium battery, which solves the problem of increasing power and can make reasonable use of space.




Project Location



RV backup power expansion renovation

System connection

1 of 25.6V, 200Ah batterie 

Total discharge current:


Customer requirements:


1. RV interior installation space is very limited.

2. The increase of electrical equipment leads to increasing demand for electricity, and it is urgent to expand the capacity to ensure sufficient electricity use.

3. When traveling for a long time, it is necessary to ensure that the battery is quickly filled and that it is available at any time after each parking.

4. The lead-acid battery cannot check the battery status; it is not clear about the actual situation of the battery.

5. Lead-acid charging is slow, and the battery power is not enough to meet customer needs

6. Lead-acid batteries are susceptible to a sudden drop in charge when winter temperatures are low

7. campsite environment is humid, and the battery is easy to damage.


Highlight design


1. The size of the lithium battery casing is designed according to the actual requirements of the customer, making perfect use of the space available in the car.

2. A lithium iron phosphate battery has the characteristics of being light weight, having a high energy density, being safe, and being environmentally protected. Considering the most important safety, we use lithium-ion phosphate battery program and a battery module to 25.6V and 200Ah to meet the customer's power needs, reduce the number of batteries in parallel, increase more capacity without increasing the installation space, and achieve safety and reliability.

3. We have configured the Bluetooth function for customers; just connect the Bluetooth, open the mobile phone APP, and you can check the battery temperature, power, voltage, and other detailed parameters so that customers always know the condition of the battery!

4. Lithium-iron phosphate batteries have better charging performance compared to lead-acid batteries. We designed them for customers to support a maximum 200A charging current of the battery, which is enough to greatly reduce the time to fully charge, so that every time you stop, there is enough power available.

5. In order to enable customers to have a good experience of using electricity in different locations and different seasons, we have added a heating module for the battery to ensure that the battery is within a reasonable operating temperature range and does not lead to no electricity being available with the change of seasons and locations.

6. Customized IP65 enclosure protection to avoid battery damage from water vapour.




1. Field inspection and measurement; specially customized dimensions and design of the installation structure for customers to reduce the difficulty of installation and improve reliability and experience.

2. Customized terminal for customers, easy to plug and remove To avoid the risk of customer wiring errors, customers can go to the site inspection test so that they can rest assured about product quality

3. Meet customers' customized requirements and provide professional advice to customers

4. Provide use and maintenance methods for customers to ensure long-term stable and safe battery operation and improve customer experience






Nominal voltage






Recommend discharging current:


Maximum discharging current:


Recommend charging current:


Maximum charging current:


Charging temperature range:


Discharge temperature range:


Recommend charging voltage:


Discharging cut-off voltage:



515x 320 x 255mm

Ingress protection rating




Using a quality battery will provide reliable power that you can count on, so he can focus on travelling.