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The data center industry has grown rapidly over the past few decades. With increasing technical complexity, the proliferation of sensitive data, and an evolving regulatory landscape, data management is more difficult than ever. While the use of green data center technology is becoming more widespread, its usefulness is still limited for most enterprises around the world. Most enterprise users have limited room, and the environment cannot be compared with large enterprises. Deploying complex modules such as servers, storage, networking, and security in a limited space is often constrained and relatively out of order, thus creating unnecessary effort for management and subsequent upgrades. In order to overcome the difficulties of the environment and reduce machine losses, EverExceed's experienced technical team specially developed micro & macro data center solutions for small and medium-sized smart rooms.

EverExceed Macro Data Center Solution is an innovative small and medium-sized overall cabinet solution that is integrated with the technological trends of the computer room in the context of IT application integration trends. It is based on the design concept of "integrated data center production.". In the standard physical space of the cabinet, EverExceed Macro Data Center Solution integrates power input, cooling, intelligent power distribution, surge protection, airflow optimization, environmental monitoring, wiring management, and security precautions functions, creating a highly reliable operating environment for the core IT equipment such as servers. Furthermore, it can achieve the systematic and flexible deployment of the whole system according to the user's business expansion requirements. EverExceed Macro data center solutions provide the most flexible, highly adaptable, and highly reliable IT cabinet solutions for mid-sized integrated data center solutions. This solution brings integrated cabinets, modular data centers, and advanced data center facilities together.


EverExceed's technical team considered the technical requirements of the room decoration, design and construction, floor area and other technical requirements, to successfully develop that product after many times of trial and error. EverExceed Macro Data Center Solution has the following characteristics:


Sealed and dust proof: Completely closed operation, internal circulation system to ensure the cleanliness of the cabinet & temperature and humidity, prolongs service life;

Shielded Radiation: EverExceed Macro Data Center can prevent the leakage of electromagnetic radiation to the maximum extent, providing you with a green, safe and healthy office environment.

Energy saving: Precision air-conditioning for Macro Data Center Closed-space accurate temperature control, compared to ordinary computer room air-conditioning for the entire room temperature control, its energy consumption for temperature regulation is greatly reduced;

Sound absorption & noise reduction: Built-in fan and silent design; EverExceed Macro Data Center can reduce IT equipment noise to 50dB, noise reduction up to 85%;

Save floor space : A standard dual cabinet can provide all the IT equipment with the required constant operating conditions, the system occupies less than 2 square meters, compact and beautiful;

No machine room: EverExceed Macro Data Center is a highly integrated cabinet-type professional computer room. Its internal operating environment has reached the standard of a professional computer room. The requirement for the computer room environment is loose, and only an ordinary office area can be put into use.

No engineering : EverExceed Macro Data Center is a highly integrated cabinet type professional equipment room. After the equipment arrives at the site, users only need to access the mains power supply to start up and run without any engineering. It is the first choice for low investment and high return.

Unattended: EverExceed Macro Data Center can achieve 365 days 7*24 hours unattended, remote monitoring and intelligent human management, allowing your management personnel to sit back and relax, minimizing IT deployment and maintenance costs.


In order to create more green and energy efficient data center micro-modular solutions, EverExceed team has also specially designed, developed and optimized data center related products such as lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, UPS systems, power distribution units and server cabinet solutions. Those products can meet the data center deployment needs of government, banks, operators, education, medical and other industries, and provide integrated solutions and high-quality new energy products for the continuous development of global digital information.


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