Off-grid Solar Power System

EverExceed extensively offers technology that allows off-grid enthusiast to integrate solar with additional power sources. EverExceed's comprehensive range of off-grid solutions can incorporate power from solar energy to ensure that your energy demand is covered in the event of poor weather or if your reserves are empty. Our powerful, efficient and easy to implement off-grid solar solution helps to access electricity or reduce diesel generator costs effectively. We are proud to offer you our modern translation for freedom and energy independence at anytime anywhere.

Whether in the mountains, the desert or in the tropics our high-quality solar systems provide reliable, low maintenance solutions for independent power supply - even under extreme climatic conditions. We offer solutions for every project size and application for a variety of sectors including Residential, Farming, Construction, Commercial, Leisure, Glamping, Broadcast, Monitoring, Humanitarian Aid, Utilities and Telecoms.


Benefits & advantages:



Avoiding Power Outages Reducing Electricity Costs. Easier Installation
As it won’t be tied to the city’s power source, so no any unpredictable power outages at home Off-grid solar systems rely only on the sun to produce energy for a household, which means that there are no monthly electric bills to pay Since the equipment associated with off-grid solar systems are not dependent on the grid, the installation process is much more simple & straightforward
Providing an Alternative Power Source for Rural Areas Keeps the Environment Clean and Green High efficiency
The chances of blackouts are higher in remote areas, which makes living conditions uncomfortable. So an off-grid solar system would be perfect for rural households As with any type of renewable energy, solar power is more green and clean for the environment than fossil fuel energy The system is made with top quality solar panel, MPPT solar charge controller and LiFePO₄ batteries to achieve maximum efficiency.

System diagram:

  • One-Stop Solution

    With advanced design and manufacturing facilities, our products are at the leading edge of power technology, employing state-of-the-art components and production technology.

  • All-Scenario Communication

    An international network of sales and support facilities enables us to provide local customer support across technical sales, design engineering, operations & logistics.

  • Premium Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance and control is involved at all stages to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and are safe & reliable.

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