EverExceed design and engineer custom Solar Power Systems for Oil and Gas Service Companies. We can size your  requirements, design a system, and coordinate the integration of all components and technologies necessary to meet your  solar power needs. 

EverExceed Solar solutions provide highly reliable support for critical real-time applications. Our Oil and Gas solutions use  only modules and components with the highest international standards, which is complete solution for Oil&Gas application.  They rely on us to provide solutions that power SCADA equipment, remote telemetry (RTU), remote measurement, cathodic 

protection, valve chamber, injection pumps, and many other applications. 


Reliable stable 24VDC power supply to Oil&Gas solution 

  •  Advanced MPPT technology with a conversion efficiency 

of up to 97%. 

  • Complete protection functions ensure stable operation of 

the system. 

  • Compatible with multiple battery types 
  •  Modular design, More reliable and easier to maintain 
  •  IP55 protection level, outdoor installation 
  • Simple installation, user-friendly operation 
  •  Excellent heat dissipation method, forced cooling by fan, 

and insulation cotton to prevent heat radiation. 

  • Optional 4G remote monitoring, remote monitoring of site 

status and control 

  • Highly customized, can be designed according to technical 



Reliable, resulting in improved uptime and lower maintenance costs;
Enhanced support with a dedicated team of experts to assist;
Increasedintelligence with 24x7 remote and on-site monitoring, providing real- time visibility andimmediate detection of anomalies;
Smart lithium, lead-acid and lithium batteries can be used togetherin power systems,
reducing CAPEX;
Simple design, factory pre- installed to minimize installation costs and time;
Minimize expensive energy consumption;
Module design, minimize initialinvestment, and flexible expansion to meet future needs;