Solar On-Grid System

EverExceed, conquering the pathways of energy solution, has designed a Solar On-Grid System where solar power is converted into grid power. Because generating and using your own electricity is better than buying it. In the event of a power outage, the inverter will switch to power essential appliances such as lights, refrigerator, well pump, cell phone chargers, computers and more. This design combines the best of both worlds, reducing your power bill and providing backup power in an emergency.
Solar Grid interactive systems are efficiently designed to meet energy requirement of any scale and are suitable for industrial, commercial and residential applications. The projects can vary from implementation of small solar heater to large scale solar grid which consists of several small solar power panels. Hence depending on the scale of project, it can be designed from 5kW to 1MW capacities as per the customer prerequisite.


Benefits & advantages:

Reliable Up to 30% lower energy costs Personal contribution to climate change and conserving resources
it collects and saves solar radiation in the utility grid. Therefore, when there is a power shutdown, it can provide power for your electrical appliances. By investing in a solar energy system now, you can lock-in the price you pay for electricity today in order to protect against future increases in electricity costs. Thankfully, grid-connected solar systems use clean, renewable power to generate energy that will positively impact human beings and the environment.
Additional income from grid feed-in No need to buy expensive battery storage Clean & Renewable
The system helps to reduce bill expenses. The less you consume, the more energy you save to the utility grid, and the more money you gain from your state government. Very affordable and easy to build and maintain. No need to worry about damaging the battery (which is the most expensive component) by under or over-charging. Grid-tie solar system uses a clean and renewable power source to generate carbon-free power, therefore, this affects positively not only on humans but also the environment.

System diagram:

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