UPS lithium batteries provide backup power for factories


EverExceed high voltage lithium battery is perfectly integrated into EverExceed Industrial UPS systems, with superior system integration capabilities and custom design experience for a wide range of applications in different industries such as power generation, distribution, transmission, manufacturing, transport, mining, refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas, hospitals, airports and more.



The customer has a Foxconn factory in Mexico and has 9 sites that need battery backup for a large UPS (1000KVA). During a power outage, it can be powered by batteries.


Project Location: 



5 clusters of 480V 100Ah batteries in parallel

System connection:

5kW AC power output, 10kWh battery energy

Total discharge current:







Nominal voltage:






Recommend discharging current:


Maximum discharging current:


Recommend charging current:


Maximum charging current:


Charging temperature range:


Discharge temperature range:


Recommend charging voltage:


Discharging cut-off voltage:





Customer requirements:

1. The installation space on site is very limited, requiring the same height and depth of the battery cabinet and UPS cabinet to achieve a neat and beautiful effect;
2. For cost reduction, capacity needs to be reduced; High current (6C) discharge while meeting the backup 10min, peak power up to 1100KVA;
3. Equipped with alarm and protection functions to remotely monitor the condition of the battery;
4. Long service life (5 years) and reduced maintenance;
5. The battery can be charged quickly, and the system is always in a standby state

As a global leading provider of energy storage system with 20+ years battery manufacturing, We have rich experience in battery production and UPS system integration. We can solve problems for our customers according to their requirements and site environments.


Design highlight

1. Engineers recommend UPS lithium for this application, lithium battery energy density than lead-acid high, customer can reduce the installation space; And the cycle life is higher than lead-acid battery, it can reduce battery maintenance and replacement, greatly saving labour costs. Furthermore, the lithium battery can be high current (maximum 1C) charging, so that the battery is quickly full of electricity, at any time in the standby discharge state.
2. Lithium battery cabinets are made into three-bin cabinets to reduce the number of cabinets while increasing compactness and saving installation space as much as possible.
3. Engineers reduce the battery capacity by increasing the discharge multiplier (from 4C discharge to 6C discharge), which saves both installation space and battery cost. However, high rate discharge is accompanied by high heat generation, so we design fans in the battery pack and cabinet to increase ventilation and heat dissipation; Increase the conductive adhesive between the poles of the battery cells and the connecting copper rows to enhance the conductivity and reduce the heat generation. In order to increase the safety of the batteries, we added the fire protection module of the battery pack and the fire protection module of the cabinet.
4. Utilize the dry contact of the battery BMS and link it with the UPS to provide battery anomalies. At the same time added SNMP programme, in the LAN can be remotely monitored the status of the battery.



1. Provide a complete system connection diagram, convenient for customers to quickly install in place at one time, reducing the customer's installation troubles and installation costs
2. Engineering and business teams respond quickly to relieve customers of any problems
3. After the product has been completed, customers can personally participate in the site inspection test, increasing their understanding and confidence in the product.
4. Our team endeavours to meet the customization requirements of our customer


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This project underscores EverExceed dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology
while maintaining the highest standards of safety and security. It demonstrates our
ability to provide innovative solutions and much “Safer, Smarter, Simpler” product to meet customers' power requirements.